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A Detailed Look At Deciding Upon Details Of Online Fashion

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Also, there is a huge shift from discount-led to discovery-led shopping. With social media and concepts like SeenIt, fans can now identify what their style icons are wearing. “Once they have the exact product identified, it is much easier to find similar products that will fit their budget and are shoppable in India,” Saksham says. It won’t be wrong to say that e-commerce today revolves around personalisation. Based on a customer’s browsing history, online sellers show relevant products of similar trends. Arjun Zacharia, Co-founder and CEO, Wooplr, says: “From content to Facebook advertising to each user's personal trending feed in the Wooplr app and finally customer service, users get a story that is deeply conditioned from their network, personal preferences, and content consumption patterns. This has a direct impact on conversion rates.” Amazon is also building specially curated stores such as Crafted in India and the India Modern Store along with stores for denim, formal shoes, premium handbags, and casual T-shirts for better discoverability. Mayank Shivam, Category Leader, Amazon Fashion, says: “The right brands bubble up when we understand their intent is to shop a particular range or particular selection of brands.” In Myntra, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning provide personalisation.  Myntra CTO Ajit Narayanan says, “We have massive data on consumer behaviour through social media. We have a rich glossary on fashion semantics, including colloquial terms. Using all of that, we can predict what the trends could be.” The machine sees details of every outfit — model, design, location of the customer — and accordingly shows the customer new collections from their favourite brands and same design in different brands.

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