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Challenging Ideas On Establishing Necessary Details In Stores Online

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It's next to an entertainment section with a video wall playing the latest stocked music CDs. Stores are bringing music back with a new system that will play different songs throughout the store. Why you'll find a CVS pharmacy in your Texas Target stores soon Wood paneling and new flooring set off the grocery area, which also has wider aisles and more refrigerated cases. Specialty cheeses are out of deli area and in a free-standing refrigerated case where cheese wedges are merchandised more like a specialty store. Why 30 Dallas-area Target stores are going to look different soon Target has struggled with its grocery business for some time. Customers use it more as a convenience, unlike Wal-Mart Supercenters, where they may do their main weekly shopping trips. In March, Target named Jeff Burt, a Kroger veteran, its new senior vice president over fresh food and beverage. Pearl Kim, of Dallas said she's at the Target store on Coit Road once or twice a week to buy clothes for her two children or something the family needs. She also buys some groceries there "because it's convenient." "I wish the fresh grocery section was better. The fresh vegetable area needs improving," Kim said.

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