Image Copyright Epa Image Caption A Group Of Pantsula Dancers Pose In Johannesburg's Alexandra Township On Wednesday.

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This Cameroon supporter was snapped in Franceville on Saturday Image copyright AFP Image caption The next day, a supporter of Democratic Republic of the Congo beams at the camera in Oyem Image copyright Reuters Image caption This Stallions' fan won best mascot of the tournament - pictured here with his steed urging on Burkina Faso in Libreville on Wednesday... Image copyright AP Image caption They were playing The Pharaohs, watched here by fans on a large screen television in a street in Egypt's capital, Cairo. Image copyright EPA Image caption Don't mistake this for the Nations Cup. It's Liberia where supporters of the Liberty Party, one of more than two dozen parties registered for polls in October, dress up at a rally on Tuesday... Image copyright EPA Image caption The next day, police officers in hijabs pose for photographs at a stadium in Liberia's capital, Monrovia. Image copyright EPA Image caption The event was to celebrate World Hijab Day, to counter views that the headscarf is a symbol of oppression. Image copyright EPA Image caption A group of pantsula dancers pose in Johannesburg's Alexandra township on Wednesday. This kind of street dancing began in townships during apartheid and is often a form of social commentary Image copyright AP Image caption Three days earlier, followers of South Africa's Shembe church, a loose combination of Zulu culture and Old Testament Christianity, attend a gathering in eBuhleni. Some of them are wearing fake pelts designed by conservationists in an effort to save leopards. Image copyright AFP Image caption Placards are held aloft in Kenya's capital, Nairobi, on Tuesday at a demonstration in support of the ongoing doctors' strike.

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