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Questions To Raise About Major Issues Of New York Times

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One of the plane's two flight recorders was recovered at the scene, according to the Kyrgyz prime minister's office. "I woke up because of a bright red light outside," resident Baktygul Kurbatova, who was slightly injured, told local television. "I couldn't understand what was happening. It turns out the ceiling and the walls were crashing on us. I was so scared but I managed to cover my son's face with my hands so debris would not fall on him." The Manas airport has been considerably expanded since the United States began to operate a military installation there, using it primarily for its military operations in Afghanistan. The U.S. handed the base over to the Kyrgyz military in 2014. ACT Airlines said on Monday that the crash wasn't the result of "technical reasons or factors linked to the freight" on the plane. It did not specify the plane's cargo.

Mario Tama/Getty Images Web security and strong encryption werehot topics last year due to revelations about election hacking , but its just as important for news organizations to consider these issues. One of the easiest ways for media sites to increase security is by enabling HTTPSsites like the Washington Post , Wired , BuzzFeed and The Guardian have all done this in recent years. And today, theNew York Timesjoined their ranks. HTTPS, which is denoted by a ข่าวด่วน มติชน padlock icon in the URL next to the browser,adds an extra layer of security tothe usual HTTP web protocol (indeed, the s stands for security). It encrypts the data sent between your computer and a websitesservers, making it more difficult for a third party to monitor your activitieswhile theywill still be able to see the URL of the site you are visiting (i.e. nytimes.com) they will not be able to see which articles you are reading or hijack the connection . Further, itvalidates that your computer is communicating with the website you intended to reach, In a post on the TimesOpen blog, front end software architect Eitan Konigsburg and program manager Vinessa Wan (whom the Observer has reached out to for comment) announced that the Grey Lady hadbegun enabling HTTPS on its site. The change affects: The NYTimes.com home page Articles published in 2014 and later Most section, column and topic pages The NYTimes.com mobile site The rest of theTimeswebsite will also eventually have HTTPS protection. Tech wonks from inside and outside the Timesapplauded the move: Any site that doesnt have HTTPS is at a much higher risk of attack, which is why last year Google said it will begin flagging unencrypted websites as insecure later this year,displaying a red x over a padlock in the URL bar.

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