Some Challenges Today With Deciding On Key Details In Bedshee

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She didnt speak to Yahoo News about her experiences as a captive, but accounts from inside ISIS territory describe what is being called genocide by the United Nations. The men and boys are killed or forced to convert to Islam and separated from the women, who are often tortured, raped and sold to ISIS fighters as sex slaves. Another woman who escaped from ISIS control, Bahara, sat down with Yahoo News and described her experiences at a slave brothel in Raqqa: Bahara is older, has a head full of white hair and wears the traditional Yazidi white headscarf. She was held in a house with groups of younger women who were brought in and then chosen, one by one, to be raped by ISIS fighters. Bahara spent five months in Raqqa, Syria, at a slave market house where Yazidi women were bought and sold by ISIS fighters. She saw and heard it all. (Photo: Ash Gallagher for Yahoo News) More When she was first brought to the brothel house, many younger women began to scream and hold onto her clothes. She clung to a pole, but a guard beat her until she let go. The guard, who observed a curious point of Arab chivalry, then saved her: I held onto his collar, as some Arabs do, she said. He is supposed to provide me protection, when you do that, they have to protect you. He left me alone then. Bahara said the guards kept her on the second floor of the house.

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