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More View photos Probably the most luxurious and relaxing form of exercise, ever. Decleors new treatment takes the movements typically found ครีมหน้าขาว pantip in a pilates class and applies them to skin with a deeply calming, chill-inducing blend of essential oils: ginger, magnolia and ylang ylang, to name three. After the warm-up, the workout itself focuses on the core structure of the face muscles and combines various massage techniques with different hand pressures to help reshape and firm up the faces contours. You finish with a stretch during which the therapist uses upward motions to lift and relax the skin. Prepare to leave with a glow like no other, a softly sculpted jaw and a smug smile on your face. More View photos The Gankin method began on Japanese film sets, where it was found to be the perfect precursor to applying makeup due to its ability to sharpen the face structure, diminish unsightly pores and give that all-important lift. The belief is that stiff facial muscles equals poor lymphatic flow, meaning that waste toxins sit below the skin and dont get flushed out of the body as they should. What's great about a treatment at Suqqu is that the therapist talks you through the method and teaches you how to do it yourself, while using the super-indulgent Suqqu Musculate Massage and Mask Cream, which leaves skin glowing. Click to the next slide to try it yourself. View photos Try the GANKIN method at home 1. To start: To start with, you really need a product that is going to remain on the surface of the skin and wont sink in quickly, while giving enough slip for your hands to move smoothly over the face; what you dont want is drag or friction because this can damage the skin.

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